ICC History 1998 Dresden

The first ICC
The First ICC 1998 Dresden

The first International Contortion Convention ever, was held in 1998 near Dresden/Germany. The idea was to support promote and preserve the beautiful art of contortion, which in those days was not half as popular as it is today. 7 ICCs later its perception has totally changed. Now there are huge entertainment companies such as Cirque du Soleil who have contortion acts in nearly each show production.

The person behind the idea and the producer & organizer of the International Contortion Conventions is Ska von Schöning CEO of Showbiz Ska von Schöning and CGN Media artist management & productions/ Cologne Germany. The event is alternately taking place in Europe and the United States of America/ Las Vegas. Famous Artists of the genre contortion, just as New Comers, Young Talents, Coaches and Fans from all over the world are getting together in a turn of 2 years to celebrate the art of contortion and flexibility including yoga and the recently added very popular acrobatic pole dance.

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Impressions of ICC 1998/Dresden 'In 1998 it seemed nearly impossible to create an event such as an ‘International Contortion Convention. Nobody believed, that people would actually show up….’, producer Ska von Schöning explains.’But when we finally found a location and some friends to support us and when we started to promote the idea on the net, we couldn’t believe how huge the interest was. The first ICC was very small with only 40 or 50 people (including artists) to attend, but it still is one of my all time favorites’, Ska continues. One of those friends was a couple from a town close to Dresden who owned a small but fine school for acrobatics and were coaching contortion talents like Ska von Schöning. They were Brigitte & Rene Seliger from Coswig (Artistenschule Coswig). ‘I owe them so much’, Ska says ‘without them I don’t know whether we could have made it…’ With very little money but a lot of enthusiasm, the event became internationally renown and was the start to a steadily growing convention. Already at the first ICC fans from Australia, the United States, China and various countries in Europe came to support the than crazy idea! Amongst the many artists and talents who performed at the convention was a young lady from Albania called ALBA who had her first appearance in Germany and later became a big star of the contortion ’scene’. Many other talents would follow, but this is a story for the next update…..